ChatGPT prompt training met Rory

ChatGPT Prompt Training - Unlock the Future of AI-powered communication!

Every day, millions of people engage with generative AI, yet only a fraction harness the full power of ChatGPT. Poorly crafted prompts can yield inaccurate information, while a well-trained team can significantly boost productivity. As AI is quickly reshaping the workspace, this training offers essential, future-proof skills to prepare your team for effective and responsible AI interaction. Unlock ChatGPT's full potential in this engaging session, designed to improve your prompt writing, workflow and decision-making through AI.

Download de PDF info sheet hier (UK).


Bij Trainwise, gaat speciale aandacht uit naar email efficiency.

"E-mail is nog steeds het meest belangrijke kantoor gereedschap" Terwijl allerlei nieuwe technologie de werkvloer betreedt, is er geen één die onze ouwe trouwe e-mail van de 'belangrijkheid' troon heeft gestoot.

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