My inbox is empty... So what?, Now what?, Then what? workshop

We are proud to announce the new training that we have developed as an extension of our email efficiency workshop. We realize that our initial training is well received because of it is practical approach and focus on simplicity, both in implementation and daily habit.

Having helped our customers with their personal productivity in this way has enabled us to keep talking to the people who have adopted this way of working. And we learnt that there is space for further development in your productivity once you have come on top of your inbox management. So we invested in researching the best ways to continue from there.

Our follow up workshop is a training in which we have put a lot of thinking in how we can apply the best practices of improving personal productivity in a modern work style, but making sure we maintain the practicality and simplicity that you have learnt to appreciate.
What can you expect?
1) So what?
- reflection on the effects of the email efficiency workshop
- how to keep it alive and how to get back on the wagon when needed
- what are known pitfalls and how to address them
2) Now what?
- from here, how do I go about setting priorities on my To Do list
- how do I get myself going on a task, how do I avoid procrastinating
- what can I do to complete tasks better and quicker
- how do I manage internal distractions
3) Then what?
- understanding your brain
- why do I need breaks and quiet time
- the art of decision making
- stimulating creativity

Part 2 is wrapped with simple tips and handy tools to help achieve these goals. The training will take up half a day and is intended for people who have already attended our email efficiency training (coaching, class or online). There is no need to have the same groups and part 2 is best attended 1-2 weeks later (though organizing it the same day or much later will still have a good effect).
In preparation on making the most of the time available in part 2, we ask to complete 3 short questions at the participants ( https://emailhandyman.typeform.com/to/xEYxWY )

These questions are:
1 Inbox management
In part 1 we addressed inbox management with the 3 golden rules, a 4 folder structure and a quick way to empty your inbox and organise your tasks. What is going well and what needs improvement?
2 Productivity management
If we consider your ToDo list as a given, what challenges do you face concerning your personal productivity that you would like to improve? Consider topics such as prioritisation, focus, meetings and procrastination.
3 Best advice
What was the best advice that was given to you in the past that improved your personal productivity?
Please contact Erwin Nelissen at +31-6-24273042 or Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.  for details of the workshop and start with a clean inbox and new efficient method of keeping it that way the very same day!